25 Alcohol Cleaning Cards – Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards


25 Alcohol Cleaning Cards Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards Free Shipping

25 Alcohol Cleaning Cards

These 25 Alcohol Cards Will Clean all Point of Sale System Credit Card Swipe Readers.



25 Alcohol Cleaning Cards – Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards Free Shipping Cards

25 Alcohol Cleaning Cards

Our Card Reader Cleaning Cards Will Clean The Following:

  • Credit & Debit Card Swipe Terminals
  • POS Terminals W/Credit Card Readers, Including The New EMV Chip Card Readers
  • Swipe ATM Machines
  • Petroleum Pump Card Readers
  • Credit Vending Machines
  • Security/Time/Badge Readers
  • Standalone EMV Chip Card Readers
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Cell Phone Credit Card Readers
  • Telephone Card Readers
  • Slot Machines
  • Hotel Door Locks
  • Key Card Readers
  • Player Tracking Readers
  • And many more Devices!

Our Alcohol Cleaning Cards will Help The performance and durability of your Credit Card Processing devices.

CR 80 Card Size = 3 3/8” x 2 1/8”

Pre-Saturated 99.9% Pure Alcohol Cards, individually sealed.

Cleans & Reduces Residue build-up without having to dismantle the equipment.

Quick, easy, and an inexpensive preventative maintenance tool.

Contains 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol (Electronics Grade Alcohol)

Recommended Usage: Once per week for low usage Card Readers, and once per day for high usage Card Readers.

Usage Directions:

Open pouch and remove Head Cleaning Card.

Insert Head Cleaning Card into card reader 5-6 times in the same manner you would insert a regular credit card.

After Head Cleaning Card has been run through the card reader, wait a second to allow the Head Cleaning Card to dry.

Reinsert the dry Head Cleaning Card into the card reader a second time to allow the card to remove stubborn contaminants.

Discard the used Head Cleaning Card.


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