Micros Bump Bar Repairs


Micros Bump Bar Repairs

Micros Bump Bar Repairs

*Return Shipping Is Included*

What is Included When We Repair Your Bump Bar(s):

Completely Disassemble  and Clean The Workstation, Inside and Out.

Test, Diagnose, and Repair or Replace Any Defective Components.

 Repair or Replace Any Components Identified as Weak or Failing

Once The Bump Bar is 100% Repaired, We Will Ship It Back To You.

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Micros WS6 Repairs

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Micros Bump Bar Repairs

Micros Bump Bar Repairs Come With a 1 Year Warranty

USB Interface – 6ft cable standard.

Extruded aluminum case /w gasket sealed end caps for spill resistance to IP55 standards.

Magnetic keys offer improved tactile response over a membrane switch and millions of actuation’s.

Blue LED with adjustable brightness.

Internal speaker with adjustable volume.

The alpha and numeric keys can be reversed to allow the MBB interface cable to exit from the left or right.

Order notification through the speaker and LED. Refer to the PMA for specific POS software support.

Micros 700879-115-PT

Each MBB is supplied with a standard template shown in the illustration. Mounting Brackets, Each MBB is supplied with a quick release mounting bracket that can be mounted to a counter, wall surface or current third party KDS mounting hardware.

The MBB-20 bracket hole locations are compatible with the QSR bump bar for easy replacement.

Refer to the MICROS Bump Bar PMA for more information about KDS mounting options.Adjustable LED and Speaker. The MBB includes an internal speaker that serves two functions. The speaker sounds each time a key is pressed, If supported by the KDS software. The key press and order notification beep volume can be adjusted independently directly from the MBB keypad.

Micros MBB 20 MBB-20

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