Micros POS Employee Swipe Cards


Micros POS Employee Swipe Cards.

POS Credit Card Terminal Alcohol Cleaning Cards

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Micros POS Employee Swipe Cards

Micros POS Employee Swipe Cards & Related Point of Sale Systems Cards; See All POS Employee Cards

Like most of our other card products, These are available in different card quantities.

These Micros POS Employee Swipe Cards are identifiable by a black magnetic stripe unlike the LoCo products which have a brown stripe. As a result, these cards will hold the data for up to ten years. The high coercivity mag stripe cards are ideal for continuous use businesses like restaurants and bars. HiCo mag stripe cards store information more securely than LoCo Cards. CR8030HI cards come standard with a 2-track magnetic stripe.

micros pos employee swipe cards
100 Micros Cards 5 Credit Card Reader Cleaners









Why use Our Micros POS Employee Swipe Cards as opposed to a 4 digit punch-in code? Here’s why;

How Restaurant Servers Will Pocket Money.

One of the most common is through a trick called “The Wagon Wheel.”  How does it work?  A server starts a tab with a sandwich and a coke.  If the customer pays in cash, then the server goes into the POS system and transfers the coke off the check and closes out the tab to just the burger and pockets the cash.


Then, the next time someone orders a coke and the server starts the ticket on that tab, ultimately transferring off the coke to another tab and pocketing the cash once again.The server is usually using frequently ordered items like soft drinks, especially too because they are servicing their own beverages.Bartenders can do the same with alcoholic beverages as well since they are the ones preparing their own orders.

How To Prevent This:

The Best way to prevent this altogether is if the system will make an item transfer impossible without the authorization of a manager using Our Micros POS Employee Swipe Cards in lieu of a punch code.

Need help with protecting your business against this kind of theft, buy Our Micros POS Employee Cards, and start using them today. Proper Security Parameters Need to be enabled in your Micros POS System.

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